Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crafty Mom Corner Feature One--Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

Team Etsy Mommies Presents:

The Crafty Mommy Corner

The purpose of the Crafty Mommy Corner is to help team mommies gain an appreciation for what their fellow mommies do. It includes a demonstration of how to make something like the featured mommy might sell in her shop.

This week’s featured Crafty Mommy is Chaya Udinsky from Pearls Plus LLC. Please visit her shop

Making a hand knotted pearl bracelet:

First, gather supplies:

You will need:
-collapsible needle
-silk thread approximately 4 times the length of the finished bracelet
-the beads/pearls
-2 pieces of French wire approximately 1/4 inch each
-pearl/bead stringing glue
-a pearl knotter device
-a clasp
(also good to have pliers on hand in case you need help getting needle through the pearls)

-thread the needle
-double the length of thread over and tie a knot near the end
-bring the needle so it is parallel to the knot
-stretch the silk thread

-thread on 2 pearls
-thread on a piece of the french wire
-thread on part of the clasp

-bring the 2nd pearl to the french wire about 1/2 inches from the other pearl

-thread the needle through the pearl closest to the french wire

-pull it tight and tie a knot
-thread the needle through the next pearl
-pull tightly but don’t knot yet

Time to use the knotter tool!

-loop the thread around your fingers. Bring the end that has the pearls through the loop

-using the other hand, grab the loop with the tool. Then pull the loop tight.

-pull the knot up on the tool and bring the thread through the fork. Then use your thumb to push up on the tool.

The result is a really tight knot on the main piece of thread, and a tail. Leave the tail there for now.

-thread on all the remaining pearls except the last 2 and knot between them using the tool and the same technique we just used.

 Once the knotting is completed, thread on the last 2 pearls, a piece of french wire, and the clasp.

-thread the needle through the first pearl and pull it tight

-make a knot between the first and second pearl

-thread the needle through the second pearl and pull tight.

Now it looks like a bracelet!

Use the snipper tool to cut off the tails on both ends

Glue the first two pearls on each end to keep the knots secure

Using a leftover tail, wrap it around each of the glued knots to remove any excess glue

Let it dry and then we have:

A finished bracelet!!!

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Ewa said...

Chaya, that braclet looks great!