Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New way to promote!!!

Arlissa of Not So Baby has suggested a wonderful new way to promote your shop.  Check it out!!

"Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays are coming and shoppers are getting ready! If you'd like to promote your shop more, being seen in treasuries is a great and free way to do so...it's even possible the treasury you're featured in could be on the front page of Etsy.com! Wow, imagine how many views and favorite you would have then?!

We've started a new game to help promote whoever wants to play. It's a treasury game and the details can be seen at: www.etsy.com/teams/10238/etsy-mommies/discuss/11246688/page/1/

If you like promoting your shop, making treasuries, or are willing to try something new, then you should sign up! :)

Sign up soon, only the first 15 players to join in get to play and be promoted! If everyone likes this game, we'll continue on a weekly basis."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For a good laugh...

So, my post last month was about Pinterest and some rules you might like to know when taking advantage of the some of the wonderful ideas there.

As I pin things and dream about doing them I often find myself terrified to try it because they often turn out to be laughable and absolutely nothing like what I imagined.  This happens often.

I happened upon this other blog which has people write in and have the blogger post their
pinterest "failures."  They do it in good fun and to show others that we all fail sometimes.

I think I sat and laughed for a good hour.  It is a real confidence booster to know that most people aren't Martha Stewart and things don't always go as you planned.

For a good laugh and a smile today, check it out!  Remember to keep your chin up and you can do it!


Crazed Momma

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Men's Gifts

As I was trying to come up with a blog topic for today, my friend mentioned that is time to start looking for holiday gifts. She recommended I make some suggestions for those hardest to shop for---the men in our lives!

Here are a few of my "handmade" favorites for men from Etsy!

--Fingerless Gloves--

Mens Fingerless Gloves - Ready to Ship
From: BugEater.etsy.com

1) Decal for his computer---

--Computer Decal--
Evil Deer Macbook Computer Decal / Sticker

From: BigIDesignsMacDecals.etsy.com
Natural Men's Cologne Wild Man Essential Oils Aromatherapy for Men
Natural Men's Cologne Wild Man Essential Oils Aromatherapy for MenNatural Men's Cologne Wild Man Essential Oils Aromatherapy for MenNatural Men's Cologne Wild Man Essential Oils Aromatherapy for MenNatural Men's Cologne Wild Man Essential Oils Aromatherapy for MenNatural Men's Cologne Wild Man Essential Oils Aromatherapy for Men
--Messenger Bag---
Leather messenger bag 16 inch briefcase over-lander retro laptop office satchel travel shoulder bag

Friday, October 12, 2012

What's your grade?

Want to find out how well your Etsy shop measures up? Etsy teamed up with Tailored to give shop owners a chance to make their shop as relevant as possible. It breaks down your shop in to categories and it lets you know what grade that section is at and how to fix it. Give it a try.



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Pinterest Adventure

Want to know how to spend lots of time on your computer and get absolutely nothing done?  It's a site called Pinterest.  :) 

I have had an account for a while now but hadn't really gotten into it until recently.  Wow!  What a place.  For people who craft such as our members it is a wonderland of ideas and beautiful things.  It is also another way to advertise your wares.  You just create a board called My Etsy Shop or whatever you would like to name it and pin your items.  Here's my board:


As I have enjoyed (wasted) my time there, I came across an article that I repinned from one of our own leaders, Ewa.  It is ways to use Pinterest politely.  I have included the link to the wonderful blog where this important information is included. 

If you get a chance to get addicted like I have, feel free to follow any of my boards.  As you can see I am obsessed with finding an easy dinner, any sort of craft, and ways to do my hair easily.  Have fun and play by the rules!  :)

Crazed Momma


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Customer Service---Vital for Keeping Customers

I was so excited to go and pick up my new computer. I had purchased it the previous day and had been assured it would be ready when I came to get it. When I arrived, even though it was only 10 minutes after the store opened, there was a huge line and only 2 workers. After waiting in line for 40 minutes, I was finally helped. The technician went to get my computer and then came back with disturbing news...it wasn't ready...he did not know when it would be ready....and there was no explanation for why it was not ready.
Being in sales and working with people, I know that things happen. What I cannot understand is why someone could not have taken the simple step to send me an email or text, or call me...since all that information was on the work order.
This little incident in my life just reminded me how important customer service, keeping promises to customers, and communicating with customers is. With a virtual Etsy store, where you often have strong competiton and many choices, it is even more vital to remember to have great customer service, deliver on your promises, and communicate with the customer, especially if there is a problem.
Keep a customer happy and they will return, thus making you successful in your dream!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Shop - Kaice Joy

This week featured seller is Kirsti and her shop Kaice Joy

  Kirsti is a single mom, she loves Jesus, and she has four great kids!  Kirsti does daycare full time during the school year.
She started her shop with the help of her sister-in-law, who is an avid fan of Etsy.  Kirsti had been going thru a divorce, and needed a way to supplement her income.  Her shop was born! Ironically, Kirsti had no idea it was such an amazing community based entity:  she initally just threw things in her shop and then had no sales. It wasn't until Kirsti began to invest and discover this warm community, did her shop begin to get noticed and she had more sales!


What does handmade mean to Kirsti:

'' To me, handmade involves using your fingers: manipulating something into another. It is a process that might take 30 seconds or 5 hours, and you might use the click of a mouse, or paints, but something new is created.''

What is your philosophy towards work?
''  I love "work" to be something enjoyable. Working on my shop is relaxing and fun, but not when I am pulling out stitches for the 10th time!! ''

What advice would you give to other Etsy sellers?
'' Instead of thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn't make something a certain way, I am trying to approach my shop with a "Why Not?" mentality. Why not sew my fabric this way? Why not try this combination? There is no real failure, unless I refuse to try.''

Visit our featured shop