Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For a good laugh...

So, my post last month was about Pinterest and some rules you might like to know when taking advantage of the some of the wonderful ideas there.

As I pin things and dream about doing them I often find myself terrified to try it because they often turn out to be laughable and absolutely nothing like what I imagined.  This happens often.

I happened upon this other blog which has people write in and have the blogger post their
pinterest "failures."  They do it in good fun and to show others that we all fail sometimes.

I think I sat and laughed for a good hour.  It is a real confidence booster to know that most people aren't Martha Stewart and things don't always go as you planned.

For a good laugh and a smile today, check it out!  Remember to keep your chin up and you can do it!

Crazed Momma

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Ewa KM said...

I know what you mean, I liked and repined lots of things , for later to do, but when I tried one or two things to do it came out so different, ok, so not everything is bad :)