Monday, October 31, 2011

The Players Are:

Team Etsy Mommies wanted to kick off the second post of the team blog by introducing the Etsy Mommies leaders:

Greenperidot, Captain:
Green's real name is Vickie Fisher.  She is the captain and founder of the wonderful Team Etsy Mommies!
Vickie is from the small southwestern Alabama town of Thomasville.  She currently lives in Florida.  She has three kids, Logan 13, Cole 10, and Anna 8.  She has a lovely jewelry shop on Etsy.

Vickie first started making jewelry 10 years ago after the birth of her second child to help her transition from a full time professional to a full time stay at home mom.  Vickie said, "it was difficult to make the transition from being a professional and (then) morphing into the 24/7 caregiver to a 3 year old and a colicky newborn, so making jewelry started out as therapy!"

Vickie states that her children really don't like her having an etsy shop.  They like for her 24/7 to be a mommy!  They have learned not to hinder the process, but still haven't embraced it yet.   : )

She finds inspiration for her craft in nature.  She tries to use the colors she sees everyday in her designs, for example the blues of the oceans nearby.  Her favorite part of being an Etsy mommy is being able to do something that is all hers but still be at home for her children.

Vickie's favorite superhero is Wonder Woman because she feels like she should be "wearing a cape most days."  She loves to eat snickers with diet coke and her favorite color is purple.

CrazedMommaCreations, Leader:
CrazedMomma's real name is Naquai (nuh kwi with a long i).  She is a team leader with specialization in the weekly BNS, answering team questions and helping organize the blog.  She is originally from Texas but went to college in Utah, married a local boy and has been in Utah ever since.  She has four daughters ages 17, almost 15, 8, and 3.

In her shop  Naquai sells glass, acrylic and bottle cap magnets, bobby pin sets, and party favor bottle cap necklaces.  She has always liked crafts.  Her daughters made her some magnets and this inspired her to start her Etsy store.  Her daughters (and the digital art creators of Etsy) inspire her to try new things and she has fun testing her new products with help from her girls.  She hopes to add new items to her shop in the future.

Naquai loves the "family aspect" of being on the Etsy Mommies team.  She stated that she had previously resisted being on a team because she is generally a "to herself" kind of person, but that she has really enjoyed finding others who are "making the same journey and having some of the same struggles."

Naquai loves superheros in general, but her favorite is probably Wolverine because he is like her husband. "Gruff on the outside but a softie on the inside."  Naquai loves food, especially chocolate.  Her favorite color is purple.

LittleTadpoleDesigns, Leader:
LittleTadpole's real name is Heidi.  She is the team leader who starts the new items thread weekly and writes a biweekly focus/tips thread to help team mommies make their shops better!  She lives in a little log house in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada and has two children under 3.

Heidi makes a variety of items geared towards babies and young children.  Check out her items at

Heidi says she first got started in her craft when her first child was 6 months old.  He needed a soother clip and a blankie, so she made them for him.  She soon found that when her child had a need, she had gathered the materials and made it for him.  She started showing others the items she was proud of and Little Tadpole Designs was created!

Heidi's kids definitely help and hinder her creations.  They help her by inspiring creations with their needs. They hinder by interrupting craft projects when they need something and making Heidi have to "compartmentalize" her working time and her mommy time.

Heidi loves being an Etsy Mommies because she "loves the community."  She loves Etsy itself because it allows her to provide to customers that otherwise would never have found her.  She says participating in teams, events, and treasuries have helped her learn and grow.

Heidi's favorite superhero is Batman who is "dark, brooding, but really just a guy wanting to make things better."  She loves chewy cookies.  Her favorite colors are "earthy.. storm blues, lively greens, and rich browns."

JaclynsDesigns, Leader:
Jaclyn's real name is.....Jaclyn!  She lives in Cypress, CA, and has lived in the same neighborhood since birth.  She has a 13 month old daughter and is expecting a second child shortly.

Jaclyn has been sewing her whole life and selling her items since she was 12.  She got started with her Etsy store when she saw a car seat cover made by her sister in law and decided to sew one like it but make it more "her style."  Jaclyn also sells on Ebay.

Jaclyn says it's hard to sew with a 13 month old, but she would have never started if it had not been for her daughter.

Jaclyn loves being on Team Etsy Mommies because of the feeling of "having an online family."

Jaclyn's favorites include: "flaming hot cheetos" (whatever those are), the color green and Batman and Wolverine.

LilacGifts, Leader: 
Lilac's real name is Ewa.  She does the featured shop thread each week for Etsy Mommies.  She is originally from Poland but has lived in Ireland for nearly 12 years.

Ewa makes decorated gifts made from wood, clay, and paper and also sells her mom's crochet/knitted designs at her shop

Ewa says she has always loved to create things.  Crafting makes her feel "relaxed and happy."  Ewa used to make cards but she really enjoys making things with the decoupage method.  She finds inspiration from what is going on around her and what mood she is in.

Ewa has two children, ages 11 and 3 months, and she enjoys making things for them to use and keepsakes to remember their childhood with.  Recently, she made them clay ornaments with their names and birth dates on them and they hang in her corridor for people to see when they first enter her home.

Ewa's favorite thing about being on Team Etsy Mommies is "feeling connected with other sellers."

Ewa does not have a favorite superhero, but she wishes she had the superpower of duplication.  She says "lately I feel as if there are not enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do.  I wish there were two of me."  Ewa loves chips and her favorite color is purple.

PearlsPlusLLC, Blog Coordinator:
Pearl's real name is Chaya (pronounced hi-ya) Udinsky.  She is the new team blog coordinator and is still trying to figure out what that means!  She lives near Savannah, GA, USA and is a stay at home mom to one young son who is 11 months old.

In her shop,, Chaya features handmade pearl and gemstone jewelry for all occasions.  She was first introduced to pearl and bead stringing while working in fine jewelry and has loved doing it ever since.  Chaya loves to find pearls and gemstones in unusual shapes and colors to work with.  Her favorite color is teal.

Chaya's favorite superhero is The Hulk because she thinks it's cool that a nerdy guy can turn into a great big green monster when he gets angry!  Her favorite junk food is chocolate.

Chaya loves her son very much, but finds that he is not very supportive of the time mommy wants to devote to Etsy.  Therefore, crafting and computer time is generally limited to nap and bed times.
Chaya loves being on Team Etsy Mommies because it gives her a chance to be social and learn great tips for making her shop successful.

*Please note: All Team Etsy Mommies leaders want to thank the other leaders and the team members for helping to make such a great team!*

Well, it’s been fun introducing the crew!  Join us for the next blog post when we introduce the Team Etsy Mommies featured shop of the week!


Lesley's Girls said...

Great to hear a bit mroe about you guys- loving the blog styling too.

Ewa said...

Chaya, thank you for putting all this info together,
Ladies,it's great to learn a bit more about you all :))