Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome All Members

Hello Etsy Team Members,

We are very excited to introduce our blog.  It is a definite work in progress.  A big thank you to Chaya from PearlsPlusLLC for recommending this.

In the coming days, we will be including a place for you to post your raffles and giveaways, the shop feature of the week and a Crafty Mom Corner where we will invite you  to demonstrate a skill or craft.  Chaya of PearlsPlusLLC will be in charge of this particular area and will be our first featured crafter.   We also will be having linky parties etc.   Stay tuned for details. 

  We have included the Logo contest entries below.   Here are some rules to remember:

1.   You may only vote once.
2.   The contest opens on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 and will close at 11:59 pm November 4, 2011.
3.   Voting is only for members of Etsy Mommies please.

If you are aware of any mistakes or things that need to be addressed, please send an email to etsymommies@gmail.com.

A big thank you to all members who took the time to create a possible logo!!

We look forward to announcing the chosen logo. If you have any suggestions, you can also mail these to etsymommies@gmail.com.  We will consider and try to accommodate members as we can.

Thanks so much!

Captain and Leaders of Etsy Mommies

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Lesley's Girls said...

Fabulous blog page- well done! Am now following.