Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Shop - Kaice Joy

This week featured seller is Kirsti and her shop Kaice Joy

  Kirsti is a single mom, she loves Jesus, and she has four great kids!  Kirsti does daycare full time during the school year.
She started her shop with the help of her sister-in-law, who is an avid fan of Etsy.  Kirsti had been going thru a divorce, and needed a way to supplement her income.  Her shop was born! Ironically, Kirsti had no idea it was such an amazing community based entity:  she initally just threw things in her shop and then had no sales. It wasn't until Kirsti began to invest and discover this warm community, did her shop begin to get noticed and she had more sales!

What does handmade mean to Kirsti:

'' To me, handmade involves using your fingers: manipulating something into another. It is a process that might take 30 seconds or 5 hours, and you might use the click of a mouse, or paints, but something new is created.''

What is your philosophy towards work?
''  I love "work" to be something enjoyable. Working on my shop is relaxing and fun, but not when I am pulling out stitches for the 10th time!! ''

What advice would you give to other Etsy sellers?
'' Instead of thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn't make something a certain way, I am trying to approach my shop with a "Why Not?" mentality. Why not sew my fabric this way? Why not try this combination? There is no real failure, unless I refuse to try.''

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CrazedMomma said...

Great post and wonderful shop and lady! Good luck in everything you do! :)

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