Sunday, April 8, 2012

BNS/BNR An Insider's Perspective By Chaya

One of my main roles on the Etsy Mommies team has become being a co-curator for our team BNS and BNR. Since we have just relaunched the blog and the team BNS, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to explain some about BNS/BNR and describe my experiences from playing them.

A BNS is a "BUY AND STAY." It is a sales promotion game on Etsy that encourages sellers to meet with, chat with, and buy from other Etsy sellers. Any Etsy seller can participate in a BNS if he/she wants to. To play in a BNS, find an open BNS treasury( can be found on team threads, from friend invites, from searching Etsy treasury for BNS). You will notice that there is a treasury featuring 16 shops. To get a round in the next version of the BNS, make a purchase from one of the shops featured in the treasury(any item not just the items featured). Each BNS has slightly different rules regarding minimum purchases and such, so check the treasury for details.

A BNR is a "BUY AND REPLACE." It is also a sales promotion game on Etsy. It is similar to the BNS in that you buy from a featured shop in a treasury. It is different from a BNS, however, because you take the spot of the featured shop immediately rather than waiting for a next round.

So which is better? Its mainly a personal preference. With a BNR, you often get a carryover if you do not sell...something you usually do not get in a BNS. Also, BNR's move very fast and it can be fun to get instant sales. On the other hand, you can get more than one sale per shop with a BNS.

Do I play? Yep! For me, they have been great. I have gotten lots of neat items from a great variety of shops. I have also made lots of friends, and I have gotten lots and lots of sales. They were very helpful in getting me views, positive feedback, and a client base when I was just starting out.

So, is it right for you? Well, you just have to play to find out!

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