Saturday, April 28, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week

This week featured seller is Janine and her shop:  LesleysGirlsVintage

 Janine  runs Lesley's Girls with the help of her older sister, Susannah. Although it is a joint venture - at the moment Susannah is taking a back seat until her daughter is a bit older.  Janine has 2 kids- Isobel (three) and Jonny (one), She's a stay at home mummy from Colchester, England. Susannah is a stay at home mummy too and she also has two kids- Matthew (two) and Emma (6 mths)
Janine always loved vintage and she did history at university; she had been stumbling around for a while trying to figure out a way she didn't have to go back to Human Resources when she eventually have to return to work and after a night sorting through her clothes (and drinking wine!) Janine thought about selling vintage clothes (something her husband had previously suggested to her and at the time she did not feel confident enough) and it grew from there. Susannah is a seamstress (originally her mother taught her but mainly Susannah has taught herself), they have always been close and Susannah's sewing ability linked so well with the shop they decided to open it up together. They named it Lesley’s Girls after our mother who passed away when they were young so it felt like an appropriate name and a nice way to acknowledge how important she was to both of them.

 What does handmade mean to Janine:
"Susannah is the guru on handmade things with us as she is more practically creative. To me handmade means anything which someone has the ability, time, enthusiasm and determination to create and idea into an item. Whenever I think of the concept of handmade I am filled with respect for those who do this as it’s an amazing talent to have. Susannah thinks handmade can be described as somehting that is “100% me”!"

 Janine's philosophy towards work:

" Not sure I really have a specific attitude really. I think you should enjoy life and your work too. If work isn’t enjoyable then there is something wrong and you need to address it. Susannah says her philosophy is that at the bottom of it your work is down to you and that you need to work hard to get results."

Janine's Advice to other Etsy sellers:

 "Being quite new on the Etsy scene I’m probably not best qualified to give advice! However, my advice links most closely to my philosophy towards work in general- you should enjoy what you’re doing, and if you’re not enjoying it perhaps its because you’re not focusing on the area which excites you most."

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