Saturday, May 19, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week

This week featured seller Pam and her shop MastersCreations

Pam is a stay-at-home mom with a 3.5 year old daughter and a 9.5 year old son. She currently lives in Canada, but she's originally from the US. Pam has been a crafty/creative person most of her life. She was introduced plastic canvas when she was in 6th Grade (mid-80's). Then a family member gave Pam a pattern book and some canvas, from then on she was hooked. Pam has made stuff for her family off and on for years, but never in big quantity. Pam has entered her items in the Virginia State Fair (when she lived there), and won 2nd place her first year and 1st place her third year.
Pam had been posting pictures of some of the stuff she had been making on Facebook, and one of her friends suggested she tries selling it here on Etsy. She thought about it for a while, and looked around the site quite a few times. Then she decided to do it, because if she didn't she wouldn't know if it would work.

What does handmade mean to Pam:
"Handmade means something made by hand. I know that sounds almost too simple, but that's what it means to mean. I also love handmade items as they are full of love and care, especially when it's from someone you know. As I say that I'm looking at my kids rocking chairs that were made especially for them from my uncle. My son will try to keep his for years to come I'm sure, just because of what it is and who it's from."

Pam's philosophy towards work:
"My philosophy towards work is the harder you work the greater the rewards. I know that's true, even if I haven't seen it always happen in the rest of the world."

Pam's advice to other Etsy sellers:
"I would tell others to "just keep swimming!" Sorry, we watch Finding Nemo, and that line is stuck in my head. But it's not a bad philosophy. I know many of us have sales goals, and get frustrate with the lack of sales. But if we just quit trying then we will never reach our goals. Each shop is in competition with several others. We have to just keep trying, and try to find our niche in the market."

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MastersCreations said...

Thanks for the feature! Plastic canvas is a medium I really enjoy working with, and over the years have found myself more determined than ever to showcase the versatility of it.

CrazedMomma said...

Pam (Masters Creations) is a great addition to our team and always has great advice! Thanks Pam!!