Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Two Sons By Chaya

After several months of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby, we adopted our first son.

He was nine pounds when we brought him home, and had gorgeous blue eyes. He was very clingy and would cry constantly if we did not hold him all the time. He didn't sleep through the night for the first couple of months.

I'd say that almost exactly at the time he started sleeping through the night, we found out we were expecting a baby the natural way. During a rough pregnancy, Monty (my first son) grew by leaps and bounds. He learned to do all kinds of exciting things, and we fell in love.

When my second son was born (Ethan), Monty welcomed him home with a gentle and curious touch. As the two boys (just 11 months apart) grew, they came to be great friends. Sometimes they play together, sometimes they fight a little over toys and attention, but they are very loved.

Just a note, Monty is a dog...a Weimerainer...Ethan is a human! I love my family!


Ewa Kelly-Miksa said...

:) you had me there for a minute, I was even writing a different comment in my head, and then I read the end of your story :)

Etsy Mommies Team said...

Love it!

CrazedMomma said...

This is great! We love fur babies! I think we are about to gain a rabbit on top of the cats and the 15 year old chihuahua. :)