Saturday, May 26, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week

This week featured seller is Chaya Udinsky and her shop Pearls Plus LLC

Chaya (pronounced hi-ya) Udinsky is a stay at home mom who lives near Savannah, GA USA. She designs, makes, and repairs pearl and bead jewelry on wire, silk, and elastic.
She was inspired to open an Etsy shop because friends and family had seen her original designs and thought she should be selling them. Chaya found it difficult to find a venue to display all of her items at one place locally, and liked the idea that Etsy was inexpensive and easy for people in all areas to see.

 What does handmade mean to Chaya:

"Handmade means something that a person imagined, designed, and then created by hand."

Chaya's hilosophy towards work:
"My philosophy towards work is do the best job you will eventually pay off."

CHaya's advice to other Etsy sellers:
"Advice to other Etsy sellers: know that it is very hard and time consuming work to get the shop going, but it is fun to be social. If you make lots of types of crafts, try to pick a shop that focuses on the rarest item that you make so you don't get lost in the competition."

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