Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family Fun... Pick Your Own!

Yesterday we went as a family to go pick plump, juicy, ripe and ready Strawberries!!  This is an activity we do every year, and not only with strawberries as we also go again in July for Raspberries and in September for Apples!  It's a really fun way to do something together as a family... and it doesn't end in the field either because when you get home you get to start making yummy treats with your fresh picked produce.  Mmmm berry cobblers and smoothies...

Curious whether or not there are any Pick-Your-Own farms in your local area?  Check out to find a list of farms and what they offer.  It's always a good idea to call ahead to make sure that they are indeed in picking season and ask about hours and prices.  Have fun picking!

1 comment:

Ewa Kelly-Miksa said...

I wish we had something similar like that over here :)
I would love to go strawberry picking :))