Saturday, June 2, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week

This week featured seller is Andrea McBrady and her shop ARoseMcBrady

Andrea is a mother of 4, army wife, volunteer extraordinaire, and generally a busy, happy person. She likes to be busy, and to show her kids that it's important to help other people.
After her youngest was born Andrea decided to quit work (up until then she had at least worked part time), daycare prices for 4 were crazy, and Nic's travel time had picked up. She likes to crochet and someone mentioned Etsy to her and she decided to try it out

What does handmade mean to Andrea:
"Handmade means that someone loved you enough to make you something, there is no better gift than something that has been made for you. My grandma makes something every year for all of us for Christmas (and she has 8 kids, so by now, there's a lot of us!), so I grew up with that feeling, and knowing the value of something handmade."

Andrea's  hilosophy towards work:
"My philosophy towards word is usually it can wait. NOT that it doesn't get done, but it usually can wait until after the kids are tucked into bed. I enjoy the flexibility of the online shop and not having to work in the stores that are selling my items. I work hard, all day long, be it chasing kids and doing dishes, or crocheting one more hat to bring to the store or list online, I think hard work is a good thing, it keeps your brain active and your body moving."

Andrea's advice to other Etsy sellers:
"My advice to other Etsy sellers would be don't give up if it starts out slow, and to dive into the teams and community aspect of Etsy right away. I have just recently started that and it has drastically improved my sales and promotion. Also, professional pictures are worth it, every time. :)"

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