Saturday, June 16, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week

This week featured seller is Fuegodelcorazon 
Fuegodelcorazon   is a mom to a special needs boy. She received her degree in photojournalism and graphic design. But after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and unable to do her work, her mother inspired her to start making jewelry as an outlet.  She started her shop because I love making jewelry and she also needed a way to make money

What does handmade mean to  Fuegodelcorazon 

"Handmade....mmm....made by me, or put together by me. That is the best way I can think of it. "

What is  Fuegodelcorazon 's philosophy towards work

"Make jewelry that I would wear, and make quality of jewelry that will last."

  Fuegodelcorazon 's advice other Etsy sellers:

"Patience and perseverance"

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