Saturday, June 30, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week

This week featured seller is Naquai and her shop Crazed Momma Creations

Naquai (nuh kwi with a long i) and I am a stay at home mom with four daughters.  There’s always something going on at her house.She's originally from Texas but came up to Utah to go to school and met her husband and ended up staying here.
Naquai had always admired Etsy and was contemplating doing something to help her husband out and bring in a little extra money. She love crafts of all kinds even though she's not really that talented at them. Her girls had made me some magnets for a gift and one day Naquai just decided that she could make them and then  took the plunge and decided to try selling them on Etsy. Since then,she has added bobby pin sets and bottle cap necklaces. She's always trying new things

What does handmade mean to Naquai

"Handmade is something that someone has taken the time to think about and create from their heart. It is a process and giving handmade tells someone you took extra time to pick something out just for them. "

What is Naquai's philosophy towards work

"I would say that I am a perfectionist and sometimes that gets in the way of me actually enjoying what I am doing. I always have the idea of work first and play later BUT I have found that life doesn’t work that way and you should find a way to work when you can and be pleased with the things you can accomplish and also find time to play and relax. (I am working on this.) "

 Naquai's advice other Etsy sellers:
"I would just say don’t give up! Etsy has given me a place to interact with other people who are struggling and trying to raise their families and do something for themselves too. Etsy has a great community vibe to it and is a wonderful place to learn. There are so many others willing to help. I keep telling myself that if I quit I will never find out what I could have done with this endeavor. It takes patience."

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